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This site is for those interested in working in the network marketing industry with a green, or eco friendly product.  Hence green MLM.

I had been introduced to the mlm world a few years ago, but truly didn’t understand the powerful business model that it provided to an individual.  What I have since discovered, is that there are many good products on the market, but that there are only a few that have a consumable product with little or no competition. This is what makes it an unbelievable opportunity.

What I mean by consumable, is that the people buying the products use it every month and want to order more.  For example, if you buy kitchen gadgets, knives or jewellery, you would only buy them once and add on a couple of pieces here and there.  You are not “using the product up” and wanting to order more.

As for competition, there are tons of juices, pills, shakes, makeup and house hold cleaners that are sold through network marketing, but your customer can just go to the local store to replace what they want.  But not with this product.

What you want is a product that everyone wants and needs, has little competition, has a low price point AND is good for the environment.

Oh wait, what about quality and research?  That is definitely a requirement too.

Is this particular market saturated?  Nope.

But what if you want something that is new…yet proven?  Can that be done?  You bet!

But first, I want to explain the business aspect.  Why?  Because if you are reading this, you are already interested in a green mlm product and will want to know how this particular business model works.

Network marketing is all about people offering great products and a great opportunity to others.  The most financially rewarding compensation model in the industry right now is the binary system, hands down.

The binary system is when you place one person on the right side of your business and another person on the left side of your business (let’s get this straight right now…it is NOT a pyramid – pyramids are illegal.  Network marketing companies are legitimate businesses who pay taxes and report to the government).  What value does the binary system have?  You are not alone in building your downline.  The person who sponsored you will put people in your team that you will get paid on (yes, really).  And many people make more money than the person who sponsored them.

So What Does This Green MLM Company Have?

1.       They have an environmentally friendly product that everyone needs and wants and is used each and every day. (consumable)

2.       They found the best compensation plan in the industry and added more to it (more $$ for you).

3.       Low cost to use.  Once you have joined you can go on auto ship for only $25 a month.

4.       Without telling anyone you will save money just by using the product.

5.       The product is registed with the Environment Protection Agency.

6.       It has been sold to large corporations for OVER 18 years and is proven to work.  It has just recently been make available to the consumer market and ONLY through network marketing.

7.       It is not in the over saturated market (juice, diets, makeup and pills)

Oh, I forgot to mention that they have a 100% guarantee.  =)

They also have free video training for your downline.  Just imagine, you won’t have to hold training sessions and no matter where the person lives that you sponsor, they will get the same consistent training as everyone else.

What do you think about having a free list of prospects?

green mlmYup, that’s right.  Most network marketers build a list and call their family and friends.  Well you don’t need to do that.  All you need is a copy of the YellowPages.  YellowPages??!!  Yes, our customers are individuals as well as businesses.  And businesses buy in larger quanitites than the average consumer.

Exciting, isn’t it? Build a network marketing business by selling to businesses, not your family and friends.

So…why am I not telling you the name of the product or company?  Well, in the network marketing world, all of the companies want to control their image, their pictures, their logos, etc. and don’t allow anyone to use them.  I respect that.  As such, we get a chance to talk, you can ask loads of questions and the partnership begins.

Since it is network marketing, you will need a sponsor to join.  So email me and we can set up a time to talk and I will answer all of your questions.

Or,  you can be of those guys who sell juice, makeup, vitimins or detergent.  I prefer selling a green mlm product to businesses who want the product, buy in larger quantities and order every month.  I have the YellowPages as my prospect list and I have very little competition.

Your decision.  E-mail me  or go with the pack:

Want to sell nutritional suppliments?  There are 74 different mlm companies!  What about health, wellness and fitness?  42 companies.  Gourment food?  13 companies.  Personal Care?  47 companies. Weight management?  26 companies.

Hello… are you getting the message?!!

This network marketing opportunity has…

  • A product which is good for the environment
  • A consumable product that people want and need
  • A great compensation plan
  • A product approved by the Government (Environment Protection Agency)
  • A product that is proven to work
  • Businesses as well as the consumers for clients
  • The Yellowpages as a prospect list
  • Free video training
  • and me!

Green mlm

You owe yourself to check it out.  Just e-mail me with your name and phone number and I’ll answer all the questions you have.

Remember though… (legal disclaimer) it is up to you as to how hard you work and how much you can earn.  This is your business you are building and there are no guarantees of the amount of income you can make.

Looking forward to helping you build success with this great green mlm product.

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